These resources are invitations to consciously engage with God in your everyday life. To try things that help you see the world from God’s perspective. To take small steps to develop a more intimate relationship with God.

I am not naturally a disciplined person. These resources are meant to feel accessible to people like me. People who long for spiritual rhythms, but don’t know where to find the time or energy. People who have tried and failed with spiritual disciplines in the past. People who don’t know where to start. People who feel stuck in a spiritual rut.

I pray these resources will be a kick start for you. (Click on the first words of each section to get the pdf download of the resource.)

Prompt Cards. Each of these cards has something you can do to consciously engage with God. Some cards suggest things you may typically think of when you think of a “quiet time” or “devotional.” Other cards may surprise you. Connecting with God is about more than reading the Bible and praying for a designated period of time each day. It’s about a relationship. Think of these cards like dates- simple ideas that can keep your relationship fresh.

Print these cards out. Cut them apart. When you feel “stuck” in your spiritual life, choose a card and do what it says. Or find a rhythm and do a card once a day or once a week.

Bible verse cardsThese cards are meant to help you memorize Bible verses. Bible memorization can feel intimidating. Or boring. Yet, it can also be amazingly life-giving. Dallas Willard, a respected teacher on spiritual formation, once said,

“Through memorization God’s words reside in our body, in our social environment, in the constant orientation of our will and in the depths of our soul. They become a power, a substance, that sustains and directs us without our even thinking of them, and they emerge into conscious thought and action as needed. This is what Jesus spoke of as abiding, dwelling in him.”

These cards are meant to make Scripture memorization feel within reach. There are 52 verse cards. One for each week of the year. Each week, choose one card. Put it in a place you will see often throughout the day- perhaps a bathroom mirror, a car dashboard, or next to a computer monitor. Read the words often. Say them out loud. Challenge yourself to memorize them.

Grace for Your Wall. Art can be a helpful way to center our hearts. There is power in choosing words and themes from the Bible and putting them in a few places around your home or office. They are prompts. Cues. Reminders of truth. This is a simple page you can print about grace. It is a reminder that spiritual practices like the ones talked about here are in response to God’s love, not a way of earning God’s love. He came to us, we don’t have to make our way to Him. He made a way for us to be forgiven. His grace is abundant. His grace is amazing. His grace is enough. Period.

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Prayer cards. Prayer is communication with God. It is an amazing privilege. It can also feel intimidating. What do we say to the God of the Universe?  These cards have prayers that can be a starting point for you. Prayers found in the Bible and prayers prayed by Christians throughout the ages. Pray them for yourselves. Pray them for others. Pray them when you can’t find your own words. Pray them along side your own words. There is no formula for right prayer: just start talking to God.

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Mini Retreat #1. The word retreat has been hijacked. Taking a retreat sounds daunting. Too time consuming and expensive for most of our lives. The word retreat, though, simply means to withdraw. It means pulling away from our regular routine and regular places. It is something Jesus did often,

“But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” -Luke 5:16

And so, as we follow Jesus, withdrawing is something we should do, too. There is something about intentional space and intentional time that can help us to hear God. It doesn’t have to be full weekends or pricey locations. Mini-retreats are meant to make retreats less intimidating. They are designed to be done in anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. They are designed to help you get away and hear from God. Mini-retreat #1 is focused on practicing self-reflection. More retreats will be added as they are created.

This page is not static. Resources will be added as they are created.

Please make this page a conversation! Have you tried any of these ideas and found them helpful? What have you done? What do you do to engage with God in your everyday life?