God created each person with unique gifts. There is so much we can learn from each other. These are some things that have been created by others that I have found encouraging on my journey of following Christ.

Church: My number one recommendation is to find a church. Growth does not happen in isolation. God created us for community. The church is full of sinners, saved by grace. It is not perfect. But it is also a place you can find deep relationships. People with whom you can share your struggles, hopes, and fears. People with whom you can celebrate and pray. People with whom you can worship and from whom you can learn.

Be it a mega-church, a traditional church, a home church, or something else, please find a community of believers. (Want to think through what church is and why it is important? Ed Cyzewski’s series Belonging in Church is worth the read.)

Podcasts: It can be difficult to find time to read. But podcasts are free and accessible. You can listen to them while working out, driving, or doing chores. Here are a few I enjoy:

Websites: The Internet has a wealth of information. It can be hard to sift through it all. Here are some that I find helpful.

  • Bible Gateway: A site with many versions of the Bible available. Particularly helpful is the search tool. Use it to look up key words or verses related to a topic.
  • Dr. Constable’s Bible Study Notes: A site with notes from a Dallas Seminary Professor on each book of the Bible. A great resource when you come across difficult to understand passages.
  • Food for the Hungry: There are many organizations that work with people in poverty around the world. I have had personal experience with the holistic approach of FH and think it is wonderful. God’s heart breaks for the poor. Engaging with relief efforts is an important part of connecting with Him.
  • A Holy Experience: This is the website of Ann Voskamp. It is not only a wonderful blog, it also has a ton of free printables, particularly focused on practicing gratitude and finding joy.
  • KLove: There is some amazing Christian music out there. KLove is a radio station that can help you explore it. Stream online or use it to learn about new artists.

Books: Nothing is quite like a book for diving deep into a topic.

Apps: Some resources easy to carry with you on your smart phone.

  • You Version: the Bible available via wi-fi, streaming, or download. Especially great are the reading plans to help you walk through the Bible with intentionality.
  • One Thousand Gifts: an easy way to catalog blessings and see God moving. Gratitude is a powerful tool for growth.

This page is not static. More recommendations may be added as they are discovered. Everyday Awe received no compensation for any of the resources or recommendations above.

Please make this page a conversation! Have you used these websites or read these books? Have you found them helpful? What would you add to the list?