How do we engage with God in our everyday lives?

Many answer this question with “spiritual disciplines.” But those words feel intimidating. They feel out of reach for people, like me, who are more naturally undisciplined. We try doing things like reading the Bible for an hour a day, but it doesn’t last. We burn out.

What is the goal? Is it to check a box that says “Bible reading” from our to-do lists? Or is it to deepen our relationship with our Creator? To grow in our love for the God who loves us beyond measure?

The goal is not to burn out and quit. The goal is to grow in our love for God. The goal is to find spiritual rhythms that are sustainable and life-giving to faith.

This is not about pretense or perfection. This is about relationship.

This is an invitation to consciously engage with God in your everyday life. To try things that help you see the world from God’s perspective. To take small steps to develop a more intimate relationship with God.

This spiritual invitation come in four forms:

  1. Blog Posts There are two main categories of posts. “Reflections on the Journey” posts are about moments from everyday life that have caused me to think about who God is, how He is active in the world, or who He made me to be. “Light for my Path” posts are based on intentional study of God’s Word. (Are you a blogger interested in writing a guest post? Submissions that fit the themes of this blog are welcome. Please email to let me know your idea.)
  2.  Resources This page contains free and simple printables. There are cards and pages with a variety of ideas for connecting with God. Some are short. Some are more time consuming. But hopefully all feel within reach. This page is not static. It will grow as more resources are created and suggested.
  3. Recommendations This page contains links to some things that I have found encouraging on my journey of following Christ. This page is also not static. I will add others as I learn about them, and I want to hear your recommendations too.
  4. The Facebook Community Use the wall to write questions or prayer requests. Read updates from this site. See recommendations of articles, videos, and podcasts popping up around the Internet. Spread the word to people in your life who you think may benefit.

(Read more about this vision through the post more than going to church.)

These pages are not exhaustive. They are simply spiritual practices I have found life-giving that I hope will be helpful to you as well. These pages are also not a promise.There is no formula for spiritual growth. Ultimately, it is the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. These are simply ideas that can help us partner with Him. To open our eyes, ears, and lives to the way God wants to shape us.

And so,  you are invited to explore. Engage. Be renewed. Be transformed.