I have been thinking a lot lately about how much I think I know about God’s love. Yet my knowledge tends to rest in my head more than my heart. I felt God inviting me to more today. This is me putting to words what I have heard in my heart. I hope they serve as an invitation for your heart, as they did for mine.

My dear one,
Do you know how much I love you?
Do you really understand?

Would you pause
And make your heart listen today?
Instead of just your mind?

Do you know that the largest mountains on this planet
Are not found on the top of the earth?
They are found in the depths of the ocean.

From the surface,
The waters of the sea look flat.

It is only when you dive in
That you are able to understand
And experience
The width and depth,
The wonder and life,
Contained within it.

So it is with My love.

I know that sometimes
It feels like My love for you is not enough.

You are drifting along the surface.
You can’t comprehend what lies below.

And so you remain on your boat.
You hide.
You are afraid.
You work harder to stay your course.
You fill your vessel with other things.


Do you hear me calling to you?

Jump in.

Come closer.

Know that I am not trying to trick you.
You can breath within
The waters of My love.

It will be different
Than the safe air
And known atmosphere of the surface.
But it will be better.

Plunge down deep.
Explore without fear.

There is depth and beauty waiting for you.

You do not need to do anything
Or be anything
Besides who you are right now.
I have made you for this.

Trust Me.
I love you.

depth of love