Hi, I am Steph. A wife, mom, minister, writer, and lover of Jesus.


I believe that God is active in the world. It is my goal to engage with His movement and respond to His love. That is why I write and hopefully how I live. I hope the blog posts, resources, or recommendations on Everyday Awe can help you do the same.


Besides writing, I also love to speak. I can teach on many topics related to spiritual growth and Christian living. Browse around this blog and you will get a feel for my style. If you’d like to discuss whether I would be the right speaker for your church group, event, or conference, please email me.



I have been married for thirteen years. Fun fact: we got engaged at the turn of the millenium… in Paris. Seriously. My hubby is still getting brownie points for that one. We have our ups and downs to be sure, but we are blessed to be a genuinely happily married couple, something that seems a rarity these days.


I am a mom of two young boys. Which means life is full of funny quotes, grateful moments, small adventures, and sometimes {often?} stress. (That is also why the picture on this page is getting a little out-dated. For the life of me, I can’t get a shot with all four of us smiling at the camera.)


I am also a seminary graduate and the Co-Director of The Table at CPC. The Church has a messy history, and complicated current reality, but I still consider it a joy and privilege to work for her. (This is a good place to say that all the views on this site are my own, and not necessarily approved or endorsed by my current or former employers.)


My life and faith journey has been shaped by many things, not the least of which was the pregnancy complications that occurred with my first child. We were both quite sick and he was born 2 months early. That experience of having a preemie was gut-wrenching and life-changing. You can read more about it in a few of my posts, He knew, Have you ever had your heart ripped out?, and What makes a good God story?.


Besides family, my loves include coffee, wine, and chocolate {of course!}. I also love to travel, hike, host people for dinner, and talk about life with new and old friends.


Now that you know more about me, would you return the favor and tell me about you? Please leave a comment or shoot me an email and let me know you stopped by.